The training center offers it students with quality HITEC equipment.

NCY MOTORS MECA AUTO VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE has pertinent points that en-globes it and provides a comfortable environment for training. The students benefit from a long program of leadership and personal development permitting them to acquire knowledge and values that will enable them in becoming good specialist and leaders in the technical departments in an emerging country.

The training center offers it students with quality HITEC equipment in which they are trained and can be used to meet international standards and the competitive markets.

Meca Auto Vocational Training Center

The vision of the founder Mr NGWAIN CORNELIUS YESEH is to assist in poverty elimination and to create a link between the growth of mechanical automobile and the development of youths in the technical sector.

Our trainings

The automotive electrician is responsible for researching, diagnosing and solving any malfunction or breakdown of the electrical and electronic systems that equip the cars. With the technological evolutions, he becomes now a real technician of the car maintenance specialized in electronics. The automotive sector has been profoundly transformed: automation, assisted parking, ABS, GPS are spreading to almost all models. This professional must have a very good knowledge of automotive technology and adapt to the changes that are numerous and fast in this area.

The auto mechanic dismantles, controls and repairs all the mechanical systems of the vehicle. Electronic skills are necessary to exercise this profession having followed the evolution of new electronic equipment (ABS system, on-board computer, GPS, airbags, air conditioning, alarm, etc.). The mechanic of yesteryear gives way today to the automotive service engineer mechanic. He practices as an employee at a garage mechanic, in a fast repair center, at a dealer or as a self-employed craftsman. He often works in an uncomfortable physical position to access the various organs of the vehicle, in the smell of gasoline and oil.

The receptionist greets the customers of the after-sales service and carries out the activating activities of the processes of maintenance, restitution of the vehicles as well as the marketing of products and services. Before any communication activity, he makes the connection between the workshop and the customer by organizing the handling and the return of the vehicles. From day to day, he takes appointments, welcomes clients, analyzes their needs and offers services. The additional sale is an integral part of its activities. He has his own space: a reception area where he receives customers before receiving the vehicle.

The automotive sheet-worker repairs car bodies, trucks and other motor vehicles using traditional hand tools or tools specifically used for this type of work, such as cutting torches, welding, blocks, masses and spray guns. His job is to examine the vehicle, determine the necessary repair work and develop the method to be used in the light of the work to be done. He performs the repairs based on their general knowledge of automotive repair and construction techniques.

The body builder repairs or replaces vehicle bodywork and bumpers and performs paint finishes on damaged parts. The most important work, but also the most tiring, is to grind the elements manually or with the help of an electric machine with sanding wedges that allow to perform a correction of the defects, then to close all the scratches with a putty of finish , then sand again and isolate the prepared surfaces with undercoats. No dust must compromise the work, he paints the vehicle with a pistol in a cabin.

The technician in safety, air conditioning and automotive comfort performs the maintenance operations of the comfort and vehicle safety system. As part of his activity, he is constantly on the lookout for perfection. For this purpose, it may be necessary to install additional accessories for comfort and safety. It installs and repairs the alarm system, the air conditioning system. He must be reassured of the proper functioning of the braking and lighting system.

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